Rossoré wine

Rossoré wine is born from selected vineyards on the hills neighbouring Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Regional Park, thus its name pays homage to the San Rossore Estate situated in the heart of the Park, enclosed between the maritime pines and the dunes of the coast.

rossoré bianco

Characterised by an intense perfume of delicate white flowers embellished with fruity notes. Is appreciated for its delicate fruity fragrances.

rossoré rosso

Aromas of cherry, dark fruits and vanilla. Soft and silky tannins. Perfect combined with red meats, pa- sta dishes and stews.

Rossoré rosé

Perfect combination with fish courses, appetizers and salads. Bouquet of peach, apricot and white wild flowers. Fresh and mineral on the palate.


A wine and a label that recount the story of a protected place, respectful of the environment and in full harmony with nature. Rossoré comes from selected vineyards and hand-picked grapes, which enclose Tuscany and the old crafts, in an uncontaminated place to be guarded and handed down jealously, to preserve it from the modern and chaotic era.


Rossoré has within it, full respect of its environment and of nature, of the perfumes, of the taste of the Tuscan tradition and of a highly protected area, which reflects the production philosophy that is friendly to the environment, landscape and man in various respects, ranging from ecological to social.



Rossoré is not produced intensively and does not use pesticides or chemical elements. Rossoré is packed in an environmentally friendly packaging. Rossoré is the expression of a world that is evolving and that must respect the environment that surrounds us.

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